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Written by Own Kind


Posted on December 18 2019

HOLIDAY PACKING? We have you covered




Lucky enough to be packing for a holiday? Whether you're heading away on a summer Euro trip or need some resort wear for a Summer tropical getaway your planning to hit up – we have you covered. Plus, we have some hot tips to help you through the packing.


Think practically about what you will be doing on your vacation. If you’ll be meandering the coast of the Amalfi - you’ll need tops that will protect you from the sun, and denim cut offs for when you reach the coast. If you are going on a holiday with friends with children, it’s highly likely you’ll need some casual comfy linen pants and tops for the dawn shift, swimwear and shorts for the beach, and then a couple of really nice maxi dresses that you can dress up for nights out, or down for beach days. Write a list of the activities you’ll likely be up to, and then pack for those.


If in doubt - you can’t really go wrong with a couple of our exclusive cotton sundresses, a black bikini, and an Own Kind bucket hat. Throw in some of our simple oversized linen separates, and you’ll have everything you need to take you through your holiday.




  • Check the weather at your destination - One country’s version of summer can be your winter!
  • Think in outfits. … Keep a tight colour palette so things can be worn together.
  • Roll, don't fold. ...
  • Only take one pair of jeans and/or denim shorts. ...
  • Don't forget a statement party dress…
  • Pack your favourite pieces, there will be photos.
  • Don’t forget your Turkish bath towel.


Make your packing life easy this holiday season - shop all our holiday and resort wear here online.



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