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Own Kind Hand Bags by Urban Originals

Written by Own Kind


Posted on July 21 2018

We get asked a lot what vegan leather is and what our vegan bags are made from so we aim to enlighten you and answer your most asked questions.

Vegan leather is a term used to describe bags that are made out of non animal products. Some of these might be natural materials like cork, hemp, pineapple or synthetic materials. But no animals are used in the production of vegan leather bags whether that be material or glues.

Here we look at Urban Originals. 

The Urban Originals bags are made very sustainably and responsibly from polyurethane which has had the harsh chemicals, like phthalates, removed. There's no legislation in Australia asking for this to happen so Urban Originals adhere to US Standards to make their bags of the best quality. These bags are a great ethical alternative to using bags made from animal products and they are affordable too which is always a challenge when buying bags, leather or cruelty free. We love them not only because no animals are harmed, but they also look great, are lightweight, are bang on trend, are soft and don't have that plastic smell you can find with bags. Plus they last; many customers have told us they've had them for years!

Urban Originals bags are PETA Approved, and, regardless of your views on PETA, they have given their stamp of approval here.  

Q. Are they really 'plasticky'

Not at all. We were amazed when we first saw them as they look beautiful, are incredibly soft and don't have a plastic look, or smell, at all. 

Q. Are they sourced responsibly?

Yes. That is very important to Urban Originals and us. They have all the harsh chemicals removed and Urban Originals believe in ethical sourcing. 

Q. Are they environmentally friendly

They aren't biodegradable like the coconut, hemp or cork bags we stock but they are made responsibly, they are made to last, are not single use and don't harm any animals in their production. 

Q. Will you be getting more styles? 

Absolutely! We're constantly getting new styles based on the latest trends so keep an eye out for new bags coming soon. 

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