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Own Kindness

Written by Nick Austin


Posted on March 17 2020

In this time of uncertainty it's important to remember kindness to one another is the key right now. When you are in times like this its your health first and those you love. Stay safe, but don't forget to try and look for ways to enjoy life. Stay in touch with friends, go camping, walk on the beach, watch the sunrise, read that book you always wanted time for or plan a sustainable way to care for your clothing.

Maybe another way to look at our current environment effected by the COVID-19 virus is in positve ways. Just maybe try for a second think about the clear skys China is seeing for the first time in years. Our skys the world over are beginning to breath air abscent from poluting aeroplanes. Our roads are soon going to be less congested due to the thousands of people sent home from their work places to work remotely. There is positives in everything and when we are forced to slow down and look at life differently to this extent, maybe there is reason for it. Reasons beyond our knowledge just yet. 

A life lived a glass half full leaves hope. Dare to dream but most of all be kind to one another.  

Endless Funnel Knit

Endless Funnel Knit

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Rushing Back Maxi Dress

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