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Be your own kind video

Be your own kind video

What we’re all about.
We collaborate with women who not only have an engaged following, but women who hold their own when it comes to fashion and are comfortable with being their own kind on camera.

Be your own kind video format.
We’re searching for influencers who would like to take part in our brand video, encouraging women to express themselves through their individual clothing style.

We are putting together videos in a candid relaxed setting. You will have some questions to answer throughout the video, in whichever way you please (questions agreed upon by brand and influencer).

For our Geelong Influencers:
We are happy to offer to do the filming for you. All we would require from you is to come into our store and we would film you shopping as you normally would but answer the questions at the camera as you go through the shopping process. Alternatively we would follow you in a ‘day in the life’ scenario doing what you do around the house, out shopping for food, hanging out at a cafe, preparing for a dinner party, preparing for a party, working away moving through tasks (if self employed), it could be even hanging with family. Whatever allows you to be your own kind.

For our Melbourne, Interstate or International Influencers:
Would it be possible for you to have someone film you answering the questions in a ‘day in the life situation’? In a comfortable setting where you are free to be your own kind.

Feel free to request the YouTube link with an example of this type of video format in action to get an idea of the style of video we will be filming. The questions will focus around your fashion style, what you look for in a brand + more.

Why we would like to work with you:
We reached out to you for your candid, natural style and think you would be a great fit for our brand ‘be your own kind’ videos.

If you are interested in becoming part of ‘Be Your Own Kind’ video campaign then please feel free to contact either Nick or Megan through email or alternatively, send us a direct message via our Instagram.

We look forward to working with you.