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Hayley Owen

Posted on April 26 2018

I’m truly humbled for this platform, in which I may acquaint you all with people of intrigue and passion in our local area. Introducing, Tess Lucas! Having recently gained a diploma of Hatha yoga, Tess is determined to share the benefits of yoga through her own teaching at the Sally Louise studio in Torquay.

The 21-year-old, based in Jan Juc, turned to yoga during a period of personal struggle and is now relieved to have attained strength and clarity through her practice, sharing; “I gained the ability to control my stress levels and felt my outlook on life change dramatically.” Having experienced the positivities for her self, she is now working to assist her students in discovering a similar awareness; “My goal is to create a safe place, almost like an escape for my students. Whenever they step on their mat, it’s their time and their space to escape whatever is outside that present moment. A practise without competition and without ego, only ever going as far as their body will take them and learning to love wherever that might be”

Truly devoted to the practice, to coincide with her teaching, she’s also the sales marketing manager at Yogi Peace club. But outside work hours, Tess is likely to be venturing off down the coast, drinking wine with her girlfriends, or tucking into ‘crappy crime novels’ during the colder months.

Finding balance and taking everything in moderation are the elements Tess perceives as necessary in maintaining a healthy wellbeing. For Tess, yoga is about establishing a balanced connection between mind and body, she noted; “Though yoga works to strengthen our bodies and improve fitness levels, the positive impact it has on our mind is by far what makes yoga more than just an exercise class.”

Having modelled for over 6 years now, Tess feels most confident in clothing unique to her. Admitting that certain pieces may express character, she added that it shouldn’t be a defining aspect; “No matter the style, price, or brand, if you feel comfortable in something it can change your whole attitude and confidence. As long as you feel like yourself.” Describing OwnKind’s range as ‘effortless’ and ‘suited to all occasions’ Tess selected our All Eyes dress in white in which she is pictured in above.


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