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Hayley Owen

Posted on April 26 2018

As my first post, I’m thrilled to introduce you all to Madelaine Lyons. Below she shares her story on the newfound direction and passion she’s gained through her studies in Fashion Design and Merchandising. This article has been created to illustrate the power of clothing and consumer choice as perceived by Madelaine.

Born and bred in our hometown of Geelong, from a young age she learned the importance of consumer choices, acknowledging that; “Showing your support towards local business’ has a positive impact on everyone. Knowing your money goes towards hardworking independent store owners rather than larger owned companies, lacking ethics, is a good feeling.

Madelaine admits to an obsession with European Couture, praising the dedication possessed by elite designers towards fashion as an art form. However, she perceives her own style to be one of a loud and colourful vintage aesthetic. Articulating the importance of individuality, she noted; “Clothing is one of the biggest forms of self-expression. When selecting your clothes, your individuality should not be brushed aside... Ever! Dress up according to your taste, not someone else’s.”. She was enthusiastic about sharing her opinions on using clothing as a method to reflect one’s character. “Nothing inspires me more than someone who is confident about what they represent on their body. I think a lot of people are scared to break any boundaries when it comes following certain ‘trends’.”

In alliance with Madelaine’s views, at Own.Kind we work to deliver pieces of quality that praise character and individuality. We value the ethics in locally sourced clothing and are working to increasingly provide you with garments that support the wider community. Madelaine paired our classic General dress in ‘rust’ with our As If sunglasses in ‘clear’. Celebrate your individuality and shop Own.Kind for pieces that compliment your existing wardrobe and define your character.





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