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Hayley Owen

Posted on May 30 2018

This week I'm humbled to introduce you all to one of Geelong’s local artists, Georgia Naughton! She’s set to move into a shared studio space with like-minded creatives, Jordie Luke of the label Lunar, Stevie van der Chys and Verity Shrimpton, in Rutland Street, Newtown. Below Georgia elaborates on the connection that exists between spirituality and art, as evident through her work.

Georgia Naughton is understood by those who know her best, as someone strongly associated with art. The 27-year-old has been painting since her fingers could grip a pencil and admits that the creation of art is innate within her.

Acknowledging the energy-healing, spiritual practice of Reiki as a major influence in her work, Georgia shared; I focus on creating strong and powerful female subjects within their own made up worlds. There's a lot of hidden symbolism and religious undertones within - a reflection of my Catholic upbringing and me really wanting to liberate the usually oppressed female characters. My style is colourful, otherworldly and constantly evolving.”

One of Georgia’s most current works ‘Christ Unwed’, as pictured below, acts as a reflection of her own past. Referring to the symbolism, she noted; “The blindfolded cherubs represent a previously felt inner disconnect, while the elderflowers symbolise transformation and regeneration.” Acknowledging the clarity she’s gained through combining her two major passions in life, Georgia prioritises being able to share the positivities within the exploration of art and spirituality with others. In future, she endeavours to study Art Therapy and in doing so, particularly hopes to assist those living with disabilities. 

As an artist, Georgia demonstrates versatility and diversification through the creation of her popular portraits, otherwise known as ‘plebs’. Allowing herself a break from her ‘regular angelic beings’, she posted a self-portrait online, sparking the interests of many. Two years later, she has commissioned over 300 portraits, sharing; “I think plebs really resonate with people because they are so personal and I love that my portraits can make people so happy.” 

Boom Gallery and The Courthouse, are among Georgia’s favourite local Galleries. When she’s not painting, her parent's house on the Mornington Peninsular is the place she visits for downtime, reflecting that the open block and beautiful garden allows her to feel refreshed and re-set. Georgia visited OwnKind and chose our ‘Gerri’ top in charcoal as pictured above. Shop our latest range, curated to bring you pieces of charm and relevance. Be sure to visit 17C Rutland St, Newtown between 5:30 and 8 pm this Friday to see the work of Georgia and other talented artists. 


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