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DO IT RIGHT- Sports Luxe

Hayley Owen

Posted on May 24 2018

SPORTS LUXE- Doing it right.


WHY WE LOVE IT: The incorporation of sportswear into everyday attire has proven to be one of the most practical, timely and popular trends. The best part about sports luxe is that it’s super dynamic, enabling you to discover versatility in pieces that typically aren’t considered everyday wear. When nailed, enjoy comfort while pulling off a brazen look that’s appropriate for both the office and the running of everyday errands!


BEST FOOT FORWARD: When building your sports luxe look, first select your shoes according to the occasion you’re dressing for. Whether these be pool-slides, sneakers or pointed-toe heels, they will determine the level of professionalism/‘lax’ in your look. 


BALANCING ACT: Keep in mind, the entire purpose of sports luxe is to enjoy sportswear in a sophisticated manner. Beware of extremes! The best way to do this is to note the ‘sports’ aspect of your outfit you wish to emphasise. If this piece makes a statement, be sure to level out by pairing with minimal, contemporary clothes such as plain blazers and skinny jeans. It’s okay if your outfit features multiple ‘sports’ aspects, just take note of the silhouette and try to balance out oversized pieces. This can be done by opting towards tapered track pants, pencil skirts and slip dresses.


TOP IT OFF: Use accessories to finalise your look and ensure balance. Opting for a backpack or sports-cap will mellow your look, while the use of statement earrings or a scarf, can be used to add polish if you’ve landed a little on the ‘lax’ side.     



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